Insurance is one of your most valuable assets!

Everyone says , "We have to buy insurance- it is required".  If you have a mortgage, your bank secures your home to your policy.  If you buy or lease  a car, the finance company is included on your policy.

In some cases, the SBA requires life insurance be issued for them to issue a loan. And they receive any life insurance proceeds first, before your stated beneficiaries.

Most people look at buying insurance as an expense.

Let's take a different viewpoint, a new spin on the "ugggh" effect we all have buying and paying insurance premiums.  It really is one of your most valuable assets!

You can buy disability insurance which protects your #1 asset- your income! Most people will make millions from the start of their working life to retirement. Isn't it nice to know that you may be able to qualify for 100% return of all premiums paid, less claims you could receive, at age 65!

How about life insurance.  You can rent it, lease to purchase, or own it outright.  In any case, you'll have many options and benefits available to you to help protect your family, your business, and your retirement. No other asset can do so much for so little.

Almost all auto, motorcycle, home and business policies include liability coverage. Without you realizing it, you are able to retain, free of charge, top law firms to protect you and your assets and  income in case of a lawsuit.

Contact me, ask questions, and let's put a plan of action together that will have you sleeping very well at night, with great tax free returns of money when you plan and need it most!