How important is service?

Everyone focuses on the pricing of their insurance. Yup- this is important!

However, the geckos and White Pant Suited Spokespeople NEVER talk about service of your insurance!

Recently, one of my client's spouse passed away. To be brief, I provided TWO Registry forms to transfer ownership of the car, which was registered to the deceased. At the registry, my client was told  " I have  never seen a situation like this in 14 years!"  

My client called me from the registry to add this comment from the registry employee, " Your agent is a genius providing you the 2 forms. We need them both!" 

Anyone would be hard pressed to get such service from one of the National Chains, who can only provide limited options, service and questionable "savings" from their agent. 

You cannot put a price on quality service. Contact me to learn the difference.