Return on All Premiums Paid

There  are times when my agency clients are so grateful to receive a benefits check, that they will send me actual proof.  

Here is a long standing client who passed away and both he and his wife have long term care policies that return 100% of all premiums paid upon death, less any benefits the insurance company may have paid. 

Not only did he not use his policy, but the insurance company paid interest due on the refund, since the claim took many months to process. His wife maintains her own policy and her children and grandchildren will be the beneficiaries. 

In over 40 years, I have always been a proponent of enhanced benefits with premium refunds, additional insurance with dividends or interest, and guaranteed options to purchase more insurance without any medical underwriting wheneer possible. 

These enhanced benefits certainly add to the policy cost, but no one ever complains when the insurance company pays the insurance check!