Investments: Stocks, Bonds, and Life Insurance

A common misconception is that life insurance is an unnecessary and expensive cost that have insignificant results. While life insurance may be an additional cost, it is still considerably less than what the average person will spend on other aspects in his life.

To make a comparison, the average family of 3 will spend almost $330,000 in 10 years at $10 per day for meals alone. The average life insurance policy can be bought for $250,000 which is $80,000 less. Under this calculation, it seems to be a cost that is a good investment. Though the price may seem steep at first glance, it is paid over the course of a lifetime. 

Life insurance can provide a sense of assurance for the both the insured and the family. Not only will the policy benefit the policyholder at the end of the term, but also can be used for various cases during the life of the insured.

Some people invest in stocks AND bonds, but do not think invest in themselves with a life insurance policy. With whole life insurance, there is a guaranteed return on your investment, in the worst case with up to 100% return on premiums paid and in the best case, a profit of more than 100% return on premiums.

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