Whole Life & Term Insurance

Meals alone for a family of 3 for 10 years, at $10 per day, is almost $330,000. The average life insurance policy bought  in the United States is $250,000.  This does not include mortgage or rent, utilities, clothing, transportation and basic  education costs..

Do you rent? Maybe all you want is to cover the basics. 

Do you own a home? You paid a lot more, and had to go through a lot of details to qualify for a mortgage. 

Life insurance in ways, is similar to this. With one big exception: It does not take providing huge amounts of information to obtain quality coverage, and almost all reputable companies will issue you coverage within 1 month, with a minimum payment required at the application. And you are covered in most situations immediately!

Term insurance is renting for a fixed period of time. You can exchange a term policy to permanent within the fixed period of time, with no additional questions and favorable pricing.  

Whole Life insurance guarantees ownership to coverage issued- without re-qualifying. And the cost stays the same, with many additional benefits included. 

Not sure which type to buy?  Maybe it is a blend of both. Call me for impartial advice.