Art Theft and Ways to Avoid It

In an interview between the Insurance Journal and Bill Anderson, a managing partner of Art Guard, various strategies and techniques for the protection of artwork and the prevention of theft are discussed. Roughly over 50% of stolen artwork is taken from private homes and collections. Due to a rise in art theft, Art Guard was founded and enhanced the anti-theft protection in homes, galleries, museums, and many more places. The company uses MAP (Magnetic Asset Protection) to protect any stationary piece of artwork. According to Anderson, the problem with many home alarm systems is the fact they remain unattended or off for the majority of the day, leaving them virtually unprotected. Only 17% of collectors have perimeter intrusion security and numerous home systems are either turned off or at minimal operation. His solution is to have object-specific protection all day, every day.

Anderson goes on to say what one should do when a theft occurs. The first step is to report it to the authorities for obvious reasons, yet many thefts go unreported. Whether as a result of wanting privacy, embarrassment, or even fraud, the art industry is one of the most secretive when it comes to theft. Many art owners do not have faith in the authorities because there is only one experienced department that truly understands how to deal with art theft. Many insurance companies have problems with their clients because they are unable to mandate the way clients react to a situation. The second issue is that there can be problems with litigation or lawsuits.

According to Anderson, the benefits of Art Guard's system is the protection of each individual item it offers. It alarms just about any stationary object and it is truly discreet because it has a small area of contact. It offers ease, affordability, and advanced protection; each alarm can be customized towards the needs of the collector. As fraud and theft rates continue to rise, the importance of working alarm systems also increases for many collectors.