Life Insurance isn't everyone's favorite topic of discussion, but it is an important financial property for everyone's consideration. 

We are here for you to guide you to the right approaches and solutions which will help you decide your needs and goals.  It could be everything from securing a business loan, covering mortgages, securing a grandchild's future and funding a well thought out estate plan.  We will examine your options for term, universal life or whole life insurance. They all have their place!

Ask about how your lifestyle can earn you valuable credits for not only your life insurance, but other consumer goods you purchase.

Life throws many curveballs and sometimes a disability is one of them. Disability Insurance protects you, if you have a health issue that disables you from work and you cannot receive income. Michael Wish Insurance is here to help you when  you need a short term disability income plan or long term Disability Insurance. 

Ask how to qualify for refund of all premiums for your personal and business disability insurance!


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