Michael Wish Insurance Agency BBB Business Review

Why do  some insurance companies quote much lower than others?

They provide a basic quote presuming that your life is in the "perfect situation," for example: a perfect driving record, or no health issues. For many situations, this is not the case.

What information do I have to provide to receive the right quote?

I ask in-depth questions and do my "homework" to ensure you are receiving the right information the first time. Based on the type of insurance,  Information needed would be:

  • Date of Birth
  • Your drivers license #
  • Property and garaging addresses
  • Significant health histories
  • Your occupation, profession and daily job activities
  • Your personal income
  • If you own a business,  applicable business financial documents

WOW! That seems too nosy...

I will protect your privacy at all costs, only submit information to insurance companies as you authorize and is applicable to the specific line of insurance you need.  I never sell or provide your personal or business information to any 3rd parties for marketing or solicitation activities.

What makes your agency different from other agencies?

I personally handle your policies and accounts, and always look for different ways of approaching my clients' specific needs. I also am great to talk to about the Red Sox.

Do you charge a fee for consultation or proposals?